One Rong View

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Not every entry needs a title, stupid

Today ended off as a life-sucks-and-I-hate-my-life kind of day.
My diet sucks (I miss my mommy's cooking. I want fresh steamed fish!), my fitness level sucks (I have not done any serious aerobic activities in a month), my boyfriend sucks (Fred is a *&^$@%* loser), my spiritual health sucks (I hate not doing exciting things!), my career sucks ( I want co-workers that I can hang out and do fun stuff with!), my room sucks (stupid dungeon), I hate not having good reliable public transportation (wtf. How the hell do you expect the air here to stay fresh? More importantly, how do you expect me to get places?) I hate I can't even remember what.

One day I'll look back and say to the me today, "What the hell is your problem, idiot."

But while I'm here in today, Fred the jerk yelled at me and I yelled back. In short, I pissed him off according to him and he pissed me of according to me. I hate that.

What a bummer.
Makes me want to go skydiving or something like that... really expensive adrenaline rush.
Ha, you thought I was going to say makes me wanna die. I'm a sissy and dying for real is out of the question. Unless I figure out how resuraction works... who knows dying might turn out to be fun. Like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Morbid, but interesting.

Hey, that was my idea!

Holy smokes.
They are really making a "Katrina" espisode of guess what?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for making things better.
But wtf.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I Am Cuter Than That For One

"Fred, why are you laughing sneakily?"
"Did you hear what that little girl just said?"
"No, what?"
"Heh, she was like, "Mommy, is that Dora?""
"Are you kidding me?"
"She really did!"

Why is it that American children sometimes think that I'm Dora?

First of all, I am Asian. As in Chinese. As in I grew up eating rice. As in I am not Latina and I don't call my dad papi or my grandma abuela. Also, my head is not big enough.

It's actually been a while since the last episode... kinda funny sometimes. The last time something like this happened was in Savannah, when we were moving out and having a yard sale. The kids in the neighbourhood ran up and down the street shouting "Hola! Hola chica!" Took me a while to understand that they were directing thier greetings at me.

Children, you're lucky I'm very easy going and am myself rather silly sometimes and think it's very amusing. You are also lucky because I am not the type of person who calls you babies little monsters and mean it in a bad way and swears that kids are a menace to society and should all be put to work in sweat shops.

MaybeI should just dress up as Dora for Halloween. Or better still, make my own Dora shows. Or even better, just live off royalties I get as Dora in flesh.

One Small Step

I got bored fiddling with the awesome website I'm making (headache man... but have to stay positive) and my brain was like, "You better do something else for a while or you'll get it." So I behaved and did just that.

Don't know what caused a sudden surge of bravery, but I decided to watch my demo reel!!! And to my own suprize, I found it relatively ok. Wasn't as bad as I remember.

I am going to fix it some more. By this time next week, it shall be up for all to see, even if I still sort of, kinda hate it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Extreme Home Makeover

Bush Trades Louisiana Spaces with the French

Baton Rouge - In an extraordinary change of stance in foreign policy, President Bush has made a strategic move today to restore the Katrina ravaged state of Louisiana. White House spokesperson Scott McClellan announced in an uncharacteristically elloquent and unliarly manner that a deal was sealed at an "emergency 'meeting' aboard the Air Force One, when Bush was dutifully taking an aerial tour of the disaster zones so that he may think in presidential comfort as to what logical steps he could take immediatedly after being closer to God at an altitude of 30,000ft, far from the grasp of the underworld, and after Cheney calls."

The world witnessed an elated Jacques Chirac at a curiously unceremonous handover. "This is a very emotional day in History and we are happy to say, maison bienvenue!" said President Chirac.

Bush highlighted that this is a mutually beneficial reversal of the Louisianna Purchase. He said that it shouldn't be long before residents of Louisianna will have a decent home again. "My friend Jack understands fully that this is a fixer-upper. The French are renown for their uh, exquisite taste and... exquiste... fashion. Them artsy types are a very creative people. Jack has assured me that he will fix everything.

Republicans are touting this as "possibly the brilliant-est" move in the History of any American president's dealings with a national crisis. One was quoted saying, "Instead of spending billions and billions on relief and stuff, we just made a sweet $25 million profit, more than twice what we paid. "

Fox News calls it a "Long overdue temporay buy back." Their senior political analysts were speculating that Hurricane Rita may prompt Bush to do the same, after Texas gets hit. "We have good relations with Mexico and this creates another unique opportunity for America to annex what is rightfully our after normalcy retuns. We need to continue to support our troops and show the world how a real democracy is built."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Life is a Matte Painting

Just look at this view.

In front of you where you see the pointy mountain lies the Pike National Forset. To the right is evidence of suburban sprawl. We live somewhere in there. If I were you, I'd click on the picture right now cos this sentence says so.

It's dusk in the Rockies and it makes me want to write a poem. But I shall not risk destroying this beautiful picture cos God knows what my brain's gonna do come up with.

Monday, September 12, 2005

45.45% Legal

On street was pretty good. The whole time, I drove like we were doing defensive driving. Turns out, that's high on entertainment value, but low on probability of staying alive. Ironic. Eh, everyone had fun.

Can't blame me for being the defensive driving expert.

Glad I got Elison as coach. Ultra awesome in an I-wish-I-was-related-to-her kind of way, so we'd go do outdoorsy things like hiking and rock climbing and look at rocks for fun. (She's an ex-geologist! That would have been extra useful back in JC. Stupid fate.)

Allie was the other kid with me this session. Farm girl with pretty braids. Pretty intersting conversations. I gatherd she watches Fox News cos she referenced it. Oh boy. But I guess she's still a kid. I'd hang out with her if we went to school together, so I really hope she realizes that Fox News is the truest form of mind numbing entertainment.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

What's Really at the End of Rainbows

Ok, so, the other day, I forget exactly which, we were driving home from visiting James. Yes, it was the day we went to the food festival. How can I forget... feeling so very fat from the one humongous farm fresh ear of corn, drenched with possibly a life time's supply of butter.

So we just finished watching a very good episode of Firefly and decided not to watch another since we were almost home. The very huge rainbow outside was like... hello, some attention here please. Since there wasn't much to do except sit till we get home, that's what I did.

Then, we realized there were not 1, but 2 of them. It was clearly a sign. Of what, we didn't know. All we knew was that it cannot be ignored.

So, the most logical thing to do next was to go find the end of the rainbow. Two rainbows = twice the chances of finding a pot of gold. We'd be fools to not do it. Despite the rip off, priced to kill gas rates, we took the chance.

We got as close to the end as we could and guess what we found? Two giant pizzas

And that's the picture we'll all remember this day by.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I am a racecar driver

Indeed! Even Fred, my biggest (insanely ginormous is probably a better discription) driving critic was terribly impressed. Did I mention terribly impressed? Just checking to make sure I said, "terribly impressed." And in Fred's own words, "Wow muff, I'm impressed." Albeit the matter of fact ness.

Here's the celebrate-mediocrity piece of paper.

Pity I'm not really into that as a career. Hot Asian girl + fast cars = rule the world. Sort of.