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Sunday, September 25, 2005

I Am Cuter Than That For One

"Fred, why are you laughing sneakily?"
"Did you hear what that little girl just said?"
"No, what?"
"Heh, she was like, "Mommy, is that Dora?""
"Are you kidding me?"
"She really did!"

Why is it that American children sometimes think that I'm Dora?

First of all, I am Asian. As in Chinese. As in I grew up eating rice. As in I am not Latina and I don't call my dad papi or my grandma abuela. Also, my head is not big enough.

It's actually been a while since the last episode... kinda funny sometimes. The last time something like this happened was in Savannah, when we were moving out and having a yard sale. The kids in the neighbourhood ran up and down the street shouting "Hola! Hola chica!" Took me a while to understand that they were directing thier greetings at me.

Children, you're lucky I'm very easy going and am myself rather silly sometimes and think it's very amusing. You are also lucky because I am not the type of person who calls you babies little monsters and mean it in a bad way and swears that kids are a menace to society and should all be put to work in sweat shops.

MaybeI should just dress up as Dora for Halloween. Or better still, make my own Dora shows. Or even better, just live off royalties I get as Dora in flesh.


  • Hee hee... that shows a lot abt ur hairstyle ya.. was thrilled when i c ur comments at yihua's blog. Yeah, i like e Ronggie's spirit!!! :)--boboneo

    By Blogger boboneo, At 8:53 AM  

  • hey dora! (wooopsie! heh) isn't that something the Other always experiences? sigh... but good though that they're kids. at least you know they (probably) aren't malicious.

    By Blogger lenoil, At 8:53 AM  

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