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Monday, September 12, 2005

45.45% Legal

On street was pretty good. The whole time, I drove like we were doing defensive driving. Turns out, that's high on entertainment value, but low on probability of staying alive. Ironic. Eh, everyone had fun.

Can't blame me for being the defensive driving expert.

Glad I got Elison as coach. Ultra awesome in an I-wish-I-was-related-to-her kind of way, so we'd go do outdoorsy things like hiking and rock climbing and look at rocks for fun. (She's an ex-geologist! That would have been extra useful back in JC. Stupid fate.)

Allie was the other kid with me this session. Farm girl with pretty braids. Pretty intersting conversations. I gatherd she watches Fox News cos she referenced it. Oh boy. But I guess she's still a kid. I'd hang out with her if we went to school together, so I really hope she realizes that Fox News is the truest form of mind numbing entertainment.


  • ahahaha gosh those bots are mad. i loved your lionel-reaffirmation blog comment... thanks a million! i'm sure you'd be interested in cheap secured loans, yeah right haha. and wow... you're a racecar driver-ess?! burn some rubber back home! =p

    By Blogger lenoil, At 6:42 AM  

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