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Friday, August 05, 2005

What an Awesome Sign

Fred, Jesse and I went to First Fridays. It's Denver's equivalent of SCAD's monthly gallery hop. Cost like $10 dollars to park in a crappy lot. Damn economics.

So, it was nice to be among "crazy" art people again. Good vibes. Not as unpredictable as SCAD, but it's still nice. Denver's got it's own take on art I guess. Get the idea that the scene is in the process of maturing. Not as experimantal as I'd like, but there was a good amount of strong work.

Dropped by the Hamilton gallery to take a look at the stuff there and said hi to Anthony which was the guy we met at Church (the club... jeez, you know I don't do that sort of thing), who goes to AI Denver, who told us about First Fridays, whose dad is Mr Hamilton. Had a nice little conversation with him.

Favourites of the day. The nudes by Lucong at a gallery called Space, I really enjoyed. The composition alone was incredible. Actually, most of the work at that place were pretty good.

And the guys in the picture below, they know entertainment. Props for the sign. Click on image for a better view.


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