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Sunday, July 31, 2005

How Many Does It Take to Huddle

I said, "Let's huddle!" when I ment to say, "Let's cuddle!"
Then my brain was like... "Eh? If it takes 2 to cuddle, how many people does it take to huddle?"

So my brain thought for a split second and came up with the number 8.

"8!" Haha, I thought I was sooo clever... beat Fred to an answer.

Fred went, "Ah. But what would it be according to Fibonacci?" And his facial muscles were totally doing the I'm-so-smart exercise.

God damn. The last time I thought about that guy was 2 years ago in Art History class. Me, being me, couldn't help but be terribly impressed by his yet another random spew of semi-worthless knowledge. (By the way, stroking your boyfriend's ego is a great way to get him to do whatever you want later on.) It's an incredibly logical answer and a great demonstration of applied Math, still, it's 100% goofy and laughable.

And me, being me, had to go look it up. For future quick reference,
And the answer is 34 I think.

There's a reason why I'd rather stick to the unconscious type of mathematics.


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