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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wanna Hear Something Weird

Urgent! Goofy, fun people ACCORDING TO ME needed. Druggies, and people who enjoy misc really really illegal activities need not apply. If you can't handle good, clean fun, you're weak.

Unlike the curry the we got from the Indian Express yesterday. It was STRONG. Not in the conventional sense, but in a sense that it WRECKED HAVOK in my stomach. I am never going there again.

I had a weird dream. In it, I was back when we were 15. And for some reason, I was in an Xgames like skateboarding competition. Yes, yes, very cool. Funny thing was, All the damn humongus ramps and stuff fit on a micro mini stage like those in school halls. With the red curtains flanking and the portraits of the president and the first lady on either sides. And all the girls wore poofy skirts and skated in them. Dreams are cool like that.

I was feeling pretty confident, watching the other kids do their stuff.

AND THEN. I was up. Bitch! Somehow another set of curtains were drawn... I had to do this impossible stunt on ramps that were all crazy with ridiculous turns at angles that didn't make sense at all. I mean, like ONLY-IN-DREAMS type impossible. So I gave the judges a hard time and tried to tell them that it's unreasonable to have me and only me do this, and everyone else did something different.

Then after what seemed like 10 billion hrs, I was like... screw it. And I gave it a go anyway. And the last thing I remember was some guy came up to me, a friend that I knew in sec sch, he came up and invited me to his wedding. WEIRD. Fun nonetheless.


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