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Monday, July 25, 2005

Brain Rot Prevention

Right, so I'm kinda feeling the need for wasting away in a more productive way, so I have decided to actually do this blog thing that I, for the longest time, have the probably semi-uninformed and bs notion of it being an activity that people who have nothing better to do, engage in, unless it's the ultra useful and informative, fun to read nerd type blogs that I totally visit on a more than regular basis, if that makes any sense. This, for sure, is not going to be one of those super content rich with useful info type blogs. It's gonna be full of Rong's junk. Kinda like a glorified mass information disseminator so that people like you will know what's up in my world, without me having to write 10 billion emails. Not to mentoin, it's physically impossible. Hey, I'm making an effort, so don't fuss. Don't give me that face, I'm just being honest.

My system is being silly... we have this totally stupid need to justify starting this blog like it's a dirty thing and we have to come up with a campaign to sell it anyway. Whatever, brain. You can't control me forever anyway. Oh, and it'll be a good chronicle of my denial days of being an almost responsible adult and struggle to not be a drain on my parents' finances.

So the story is, I'm done with school and I still can't decide on what I want to be when I grow up. I'm trying to figure this out. The equation is pretty complex. And the truth is I've been half assing the job application and interviewing crap cos I kinda don't know if I really want those jobs. Commitment issues, as usual. Maybe I should just go see a shrink. But that's a whole other thing.

Whatever it is, thanks to my very generous muff (the guy who tolerates my commitment problem) + my super cool daddy and mommy, I enjoy the luxury of having an ultra prolonged post graduation "transitional" period, with no respectable-according-to-parents-extended-family-and-society job in a preferbly major major major company that is ruling the world anyway, even if most people think they aren't. Seriously, my parent's aren't really like that. I just feel oblidged to do the socially conditioned, aka, the "RIGHT" thing sometimes, it's totally ironic. And it's messing with my head.

That is not to say that I sit on my ass all day long, musing away. I do that. Just not for the whole damn day. Well, considering the fact that I work on the computer a lot, I kinda do sit on my ass quite a bit. I take that back. God damn technology.

So I am freelancing. I know I've been saying, "Yah, no real job yet. Just doing a bit of freelancing." I'm realizing that it's pretty much a real job. No kidding. I thought I wouldn't have the decipline for that sort of thing, turns out I underestimated my weird tendency to want to do design work without being forced to. Lucky me. Everyday, I find more things to do, it blows my mind.

I do want to have to go to work where I can have a community of people to do what communities of people do. I miss art school. I miss those weird ass talented as hell kids.


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