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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Life Lesson

I fucking DO NOT owe you the whole damn universe, damn client who thinks just the oppsite.

And I thought I have a winning solution for your business. Bitch! Just because you have this misconstrued idea of what constitutes paying for my service doesn't mean you're going to tell me what I do is (get ready for this) "not so logical but fine," and what you THINK is FANTABULOUS + BETTER THAN BETTER THAN BETTER is what I should strive for in life.

Yah. Hey Mr I-know-design-better-than-you-that's-why-I-hired-you,
I am very sure your logo can be improved. Look around you... see that logo in front of you? Yes, that Starbucks, Pepsi, Macintosh, FedEx, ... all those logos can also most definitely be improved on. IF YOU HAVE MAJOR $$$ TO THROW AROUND and NOTHING BETTER TO DO.

I have a life that is, if you don't already know, not dedicated to kissing ass.

Now, back to dealing with it. I can do this.

By the way, Ellen Shapiro's book as shown above is great. It's definitely worth reading.


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