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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Driving for Dummies

Oh, and did I mention that everyone should at all times, drive wrecklessly when the need to drive arises? Yup. Dive wrecklessly! You heard me! Roads would be way safer that way.


  • rong! this must be the ultimate bolt out of the blue eh? haha..just came across your blog via friendster which i absolutely do not use anymore and i've had a blast reading! dear girl, you're made to crap! (if not for anything else, at least its the important bit that we're done for..haha) anyway anyway please come fly this way with your powers of incredibleness and save us from this languid existence! help oh helper! =) *grinZ*

    By Anonymous sazzie, At 3:11 AM  

  • Sazzie!
    Glad you made it. What took you so long. You so need to be part of this. I shall make this blog more interactive so that you plus all the bestest people in the world can convene and k-poh a a little about things life brings us.

    Weekend project... keep a look out. Promise! promise! Get everyone to come see ok.

    By Blogger Rong, At 12:51 AM  

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