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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Didn't Come Up With Title

Ok... the kitchen sink* designer shall skip the whole thing about movies and humanity (and other misc related and semi-related things)... Let's just say that I watched 2 whole movies today. It was an EMPOWERING (hear that ring!) experience.

First. The very first genius of my life spoke to me again. Fred and I totally drove straight to the grocery store on impulse to find a GOLDEN TICKET. Sadly, they didn't even carry Wonka bars. So we settled instead for some raspberry filled ones and satisfied our post-Wonka audience cravings. (Admit it people... you headed straight for the chocolate aisle too, didn't you?

I'll get me my GOLDEN TICKET one day, there is hope in me! Actually, you know what, when that happens I'll track Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake down make sure thay know they did something special for me that helped make it happen.

Next. Jack Black. School of Rock. Awesomely silly, awesomely awe-inspiring. What can I say, the man inspired me to hang on even tighter to THAT THING INSIDE. Whow, just thinking about it made my heart radiate. You know, the tingly feeling. Yup, that one. There it goes again. In that spirit, I want to proclaim once again, that I, will SAVE THE WORLD with GRAPHIC DESIGN! Yes, graphic design is my super power and I will use it to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE! (Some divine intervention please... I already promised the people.)

That's that in a nutshell.


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