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Sunday, September 11, 2005

What's Really at the End of Rainbows

Ok, so, the other day, I forget exactly which, we were driving home from visiting James. Yes, it was the day we went to the food festival. How can I forget... feeling so very fat from the one humongous farm fresh ear of corn, drenched with possibly a life time's supply of butter.

So we just finished watching a very good episode of Firefly and decided not to watch another since we were almost home. The very huge rainbow outside was like... hello, some attention here please. Since there wasn't much to do except sit till we get home, that's what I did.

Then, we realized there were not 1, but 2 of them. It was clearly a sign. Of what, we didn't know. All we knew was that it cannot be ignored.

So, the most logical thing to do next was to go find the end of the rainbow. Two rainbows = twice the chances of finding a pot of gold. We'd be fools to not do it. Despite the rip off, priced to kill gas rates, we took the chance.

We got as close to the end as we could and guess what we found? Two giant pizzas

And that's the picture we'll all remember this day by.


  • Lousy lying photgraphers taking photos of people on windy days and making up crazy stories. Can't even get revenge cause she never let's anyone take her picture...

    By Anonymous fred, At 12:40 AM  

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