One Rong View

Friday, September 24, 2010

School on Wheels 5K Run

Have you met a homeless child before? The homeless children population in America is about 1.5 million strong and growing. You can imagine how far reaching the consequences of being homeless are. These children are forced to cope with the challenges of a lack of safety, comfort, privacy, reassuring routines, adequate health care, uninterrupted schooling, sustained relationships and a sense of community. Helping them advance in their education significantly increases their chances of leading a meaningful, productive life, and reaching their fullest potential. It creates a better society for all.

I've been volunteering with them for over 2 years and the experience is humbling. Tutoring with my kids has consistently been one of the highlights of my week. Nothing beats seeing them make progress. One of our kids even got accepted into Harvard. How awesome is that.

School On Wheels is an amazing organization with great people running it. Support our work by donating or come run with us!