One Rong View

Thursday, October 27, 2005

And the nomads move

I feel like I need to write a song now cos the title to this entry just screams to me write a song. I'm visualizing a Damien Rice type mopey song with a bit of a beachy vibe like the electro sounds in Gwen Stafani's "Cool". Just a thought.

Weird thoughts aside, Fred and I are moving to LA. Like for real. I am so pumped and ready for a change of scenery. It's interesting how things work out sometimes. Yay, road trip!

On moving... always a hassel. What's worse is that both Fred and I are bibliophiles which means, our most prized possessions are books. Last time we moved, we filled up I think it was more boxes of books than what's appropriate to mention. We had no idea our little apartment could hold so much. On the one hand, it was like... Sweet! The apartment grows books! How nice. On the other hand it was like... this is a work out we don't really need. How much will this end up costing. And my goodness, this totally highlights one of the cons of not living on the ground floor.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Brawl in the Basement

Skipping the boring parts, I shook Fred's bottle of Pepsi as hard as I physically could. And during the approximately 25 seconds that I was doing that, my brain was doing some light speed calculations. Should I continue to shake it? Should I just stop and shout, "you idiot!" and stomp away? Should I hurl the bottle at Fred's face and crack his skull?

Decision. Got to have one fast. So my right hand took control. With a sleek twist of my wrist, the effervescing brown liquid burst out of it's restrictive plastic container. It was a spectacle that stunned even myself. Wow. I just let it all out, didn't I?

It went all over the place! I must have been so extremely pissed cos the first thing I thought to myself after that was, "I am not cleaning up!" Yup. The brown puddle was spreading really quickly on the WHITE carpet, and all I was thinking was that I wasn't going to clean up. But honestly, half of me was totally mortified by the mess.

What to do next? My brain did some light speed calculations again. I had Pepsi all over me (haha, I was wearing one of Fred's shirt.) so I just stomped off into the shower and stayed there for I don't know how long. I had no one to cry to, so I cried with the shower.

I got bored of standing in the shower so I got out. Brrr... freezing. Hate that sensation. Stupid climate.

Blah, blah, blah... fight some more.
"You're wrong!"
"No, YOU'RE wrong!"
"You just like to tell me I'm wrong!"
"What?!?! You always expect me to make things better again when things go wrong! Even if it's obviously your fault!"
"You start yelling at me when I open my mouth! How am I supposed to fix things?"
"I hate you! I hate you!"

We ignore one another for a while. Then we fight about who gets to clean the carpet. I win and Fred cleans. And I think to myself, "I have to clean it again later anyway cos Fred is a guy and you know how when guys clean, it doesn't really meet the standards." So I really didn't actually win anything.

Somehow, we start making up. Cos I'll start to miss Fred and he'll start to miss me too. Both being very stubborn people, we pseudo-fight about who's wronger than who and who's sorrier than who. But we both know that all has already been forgiven.

Inevitably, in the course of trying to make sense of what just happened someone says something really silly and we laugh. Then we decide to go get some apple pie.

Very dumb. Waste of time. Waste of energy. That's what happens. I hate it. But might as well make the best of it. So making up should always be a blast.

Brawl in the Basement

In a world, where the air was thick with fury and the flesh was devoid of patience. One young girl lashes out as the male antagonist provokes relentlessly with wit that's unmatched.

The most action packed fight yet in the Fred Rong hiccups-in-their-relationship series.

Critics are calling it a, "Mid-October must see!"
The Rongville Times says it's a, "Stunning display of human rage drenched in humour."

The detonation happens. On screens everywhere, tomorrow.

Monday, October 10, 2005

First snow

It snowed!
And it's only October.
Hasn't stopped since it started last night.

Fred was like, "hey Rong, come look."
And I was like, "This better not be one of those idiotic tricks" to myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see trees and houses and stuff all freshly blanketed with snow. It was so beautiful. Somehow, it's always magical when it snows.