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Friday, October 14, 2005

Brawl in the Basement

In a world, where the air was thick with fury and the flesh was devoid of patience. One young girl lashes out as the male antagonist provokes relentlessly with wit that's unmatched.

The most action packed fight yet in the Fred Rong hiccups-in-their-relationship series.

Critics are calling it a, "Mid-October must see!"
The Rongville Times says it's a, "Stunning display of human rage drenched in humour."

The detonation happens. On screens everywhere, tomorrow.


  • Male antagonist?!? Likely story, provocateur.

    By Anonymous fred, At 3:17 AM  

  • explosion! Impt in many ways...

    By Anonymous yh, At 3:28 PM  

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