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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Not every entry needs a title, stupid

Today ended off as a life-sucks-and-I-hate-my-life kind of day.
My diet sucks (I miss my mommy's cooking. I want fresh steamed fish!), my fitness level sucks (I have not done any serious aerobic activities in a month), my boyfriend sucks (Fred is a *&^$@%* loser), my spiritual health sucks (I hate not doing exciting things!), my career sucks ( I want co-workers that I can hang out and do fun stuff with!), my room sucks (stupid dungeon), I hate not having good reliable public transportation (wtf. How the hell do you expect the air here to stay fresh? More importantly, how do you expect me to get places?) I hate I can't even remember what.

One day I'll look back and say to the me today, "What the hell is your problem, idiot."

But while I'm here in today, Fred the jerk yelled at me and I yelled back. In short, I pissed him off according to him and he pissed me of according to me. I hate that.

What a bummer.
Makes me want to go skydiving or something like that... really expensive adrenaline rush.
Ha, you thought I was going to say makes me wanna die. I'm a sissy and dying for real is out of the question. Unless I figure out how resuraction works... who knows dying might turn out to be fun. Like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Morbid, but interesting.


  • heyhey getting angsty there! there's still us back home waiiiiiting for ya =)

    loved your super-detailed comment... read like a nice little essay *wink* and it sure is one right view of the world!

    i'll do the typical singaporean thing and continue deeplinking until someone gets sued first. and hopefully it isn't me =p

    By Blogger lenoil, At 7:45 AM  

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