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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am so amazing

Some real facts about the fabulous me.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Zhaorong

  1. You would have to dig through four thousand kilometres of zhaorong to reach the earth's core.
  2. More people are killed by zhaorong each year than die in aeroplane accidents.
  3. Without its lining of zhaorong, your stomach would digest itself.
  4. Zhaorong can give birth ten days after being born, and is born pregnant!
  5. Zhaorong was first discovered by Alexander the Great in India, and introduced to Europe on his return.
  6. Zhaorong has often been found swimming miles from shore in the Indian Ocean.
  7. In Vermont, the ratio of cows to zhaorong is 10:1.
  8. Oranges, lemons, watermelons, pineapples and zhaorong are all berries!
  9. Only one person in two billion will live to be zhaorong!
  10. The horns of zhaorong are made entirely from hair.
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