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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The average person has about 10,000 taste buds

Tomorrow is 冬至 dōng zhì (or the Winter Solstice Festival, haha, you can't read chinese.) and I am going into shock as we speak, due to dehydration, caused by involuntary compulsive drooling as a result of the yummilicious tang yuans that I'm imagining me gorging myself with. Just look at the picture! If you hear about a saliva related freak accident any time starting from now, blame Huijun. (see left.)

Big fat juicy, chewy, sickeningly sweet and sticky... mmmm... especially when the soup is viscous and has red dates and dried longan and TONS of rock sugar. Don't know what other ingredients!? I should know this... I should find out.

Some people are like, "Wah lao, so sweet and gross. Who eats that stuff?" ME, ME, ME. I savour the disgustingly decadent goodness. Besides, 10, 000 tastebuds can't be wrong.

If mommy were here... mmm, I'd be in tang yuan heaven.


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