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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What the hell...

So, as I was getting to know the new neighbourhood, I had the fine opportunity to get aquainted with the local ER. Not really one of the things I had in mind.

Nothing TOO serious, ONLY fried my brains with the highest fever I've had since 5 (102.6 deg F or 39.2 deg C). Plus caught some bronchitis that wanted me dead. Stupid viruses and bacteria... I hate you.

Feeling much better now that I've been in bed for three days straight. I'd write more if I could, but I think I've used up my minuscule energy reserve.


  • hey. make sure you take deep breaths (A LOT OF IT), walk around the room if you can, try to clear those sputum. hug. drink heaps of water, no junk food. and i know fred's administering those tlc. those infections are nasty so make sure you rest well. role of saving the world can wait. take the opportunity to rest and watch tv? cook up plans? hmm.. ask yihua for other important medical stuff.. hao hao zhao gu zi ji hor.. i'll give you massage if i can. even tho' that's not going to be any good except make you feel loved. grin. another across hug. -yijun

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