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Friday, November 18, 2005

Retro Gaming

By circa 2005 standards it's totally retro. Like it's from the last centurty, pretty ancient. I'm talking about COMMAND & CONQUER, RED ALERT. I am sorta hooked.

It's all Fred and Jesse's fault. They were having such a great time, I simply couldn't ignore the "guy"/male bonding thing they were doing. So I bugged them. And that cost me more hours than I'd like to admit. And I pulled an all nighter last night, messing up the normal hours that I am doomed to not keep.

My little brother used to play the game, I think. Certainly my friends at school. Always thought it's just another bomb-the-hell-out-of-who-knows-what-game. Therefore, it never caught on in Rongland. Until now, that is. It's so fun!!! I'm not usually a fan of violent, kill people type games (HATE resident evil. YUCK. HATE Doom too, for that matter.) But c&c is great. It's such a rush. Love it when you figure things out and WIN! Especially the difficult ones.

Must say, the guy who did the voice of the american rocketeers... very charming. The things a girl notices. Isn't that such a great insight. Game developers, you have my contacts. I know what a girl looks for in video games.


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