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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wake me up when winter ends

It is so damn cold. And my primary source of heat is in LA scoping out scene. (More likely scoping out the girls.) Not good. (On both counts.) Having zero capacity for generating enough heat to cope with this kind of climate, I have to say give me back my summer!!!

Last night, I was under not 1 but 2 comforters, was wearing my fleece thing and was STILL cold! So cold that I didn't want any part of me touching any other part of me cos it's like ice on skin. Which was kind of a big problem, considering how huddling might help, but that ment having bodily contact with myself. Yikes. Never saw this problem coming.

I considered getting a third blanky but decided that it was too far away. I was already in bed and it was on the couch, 3 ft away. Then there was the other option of going upstairs to turn up the heat. Meaning that I would have to brave the nearly sub arctic temperatures... brrrrrr... no. So in favour of staying wraped up I reasoned that my body heat will somehow heat up the under-the-blanky-o-sphere and it'll be nice and toasty in no time. Plus, it's better for the environment anyway.

Problem is it didn't quite work till like 1 hour later. By then I was so tired, I fell asleep anyway, frozen or not.

Good thing Fred will be home tomorrow. It's kinda strange and I never thought I'd say this, after all, Fred's not the kind of guy I had in mind. Turns out, he's great. He is the bestest heat source a Zhaorong could have. Not to mention, the bestest friend a Zhaorong could have and the Zhaorongs in my previous lives must have acumulate more good karma than they knew what to do with that I get to have Fred . Can't imagine life without Fred. I mean, I'm sure I'll live and well too, but it'll be different.


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