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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Appease the breathing spirits

Hah! I'm back and feeling damn alive!
Yay to Amoxicilin! The trusty antibiotic that keeps bacterial pathogens from running amuck! (love how amoxicilin sounds... too silly to say it only once... I know you're doing it too.)

Anyway, don't take breathing for granted. I know, it's so second nature, everyone forgets! Dangerous! I totally forgot all about it and boy, did the breathing spirits give me crap. Don't mess around with them. Next year during the flu season, make sure you celebrate don't-attack-my-lungs festival. Give them muti-vitamins as offerings. And from time to time, make it a point to tell your breathing spirits that they are doing a phenomenal job regulating air in your system. Feed their egos BEFORE they get pissy and try to kill you. It's cheaper than when they demand drugs.

Say things like, "Breathing normally really makes life much easier! No kidding! When I eat, I breathe; I watch tv, I breathe; I pee, I breathe; I sleep, I breathe... any time I'm alive, I'm breathing. Breathing is such a beautiful thing. Thanks guys!" Try to sound convincing. Never ignore them.


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