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Friday, December 23, 2005

Yay, traffic.

Friggin LA drivers. What the hell is wrong with you people? I've been reserving comment on this one cos, you know, I figured it's just another thing one's got to deal with living life. Kinda like the menstrul thing. But yah, why is it beyond some people that it is NOT ok to drive like the incredible crash dummies?

Last night, I thought I was going to get side swiped by a moron who was in a
right turn ONLY lane, doing her jaw dropping, eye popping, mind blowing stunt of trying to turn left across 2 lanes, at 35mph right when the light turned green at the intersection of Mindanao and the Marina Expressway. !!?!?!?! Out of nowhere!

I was stunned speechless. Literally. And I thought she was going to plough though the passanger side of the car and smash Fred.

"We are so fucked," were my first thoughts. Thank god, my reflexes made me slam on my brakes and thank god the guy behind me didn't rear-end me and thank god she pulled in front of me instead of into me and slammed on her brakes too and then decided to take a right. Not without first giving us the
obligatory dirty look. What the hell? By the way, lady, you forgot to thank me for not damaging your Lexus.

Bear in mind that all that happened within a matter of a split second. Before I could start to comprehen the whole situation, I was already on my way, back on track and heading out of the crazy intersection. I'm really not sure how it all happened. Still amazed that it didn't end up being somethig really bad. The odds were totally against us.

So about LA drivers. It's like
sharing the roads with jackas jocks on steriods as to nice dads who take their kids mountain biking on weekends when you compare LA to Colorado drivers. Of course, that's a generalization and there are exceptions for sure.

Fact is, people here
  • Do honk MUCH more than people of any other city that I've been to. And I'm not talking small town nowhere. Hello, the light is still in the process of turning green. And... what? Obeying traffic laws is optional here?
  • Tailgate, even at 10 billion mph. If you're in that much of a hurry, might as well get a chopper. If you really need a V8, HEMI, Korman, McLaren, turbo-whatever just to get around this city, you're truely a wimp. If yo're just flaunting your $$$, you'll get more attention if you put that into funding teleportation as a means of transportation.
  • Leapfrog like there's no tomorrow. Funny how you're still right beside me like you were 5 miles ago. And I wasn't even trying.
  • Like to squeeze their asses around you on even the narrowest streets so that they can do a right turn on red onto a busy street. I can almost hear them say,"It's only your life, but you can save 1 whole second!"
  • Prefer not to use their turn signal. I mean, turn signals are so 20th century. Much like courtesy on the road. We should be reading minds by now.
  • Cut you off. Know how it's always a good idea to maintain a good amount of space between the vehicle in front and your car. Well, if you do that in LA, you're gonna get cut off for SURE. It's like those idiots are playing "see how many people I can piss off" and trying to beat their high score of every single person in their path.
  • Speed. Like that one time (meaning all the time), I was driving on this curvy stretch of road which was a construction zone so the supposed speed limit was 25mph. I think they made a mistake, cos I felt like I was at NASCAR, racing my Saturn wagon.
  • Make you feel like it's all your falut but really, it's society's fault. Stupid group of humans broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and a common culture.
That said, a part of me really like the challenge of driving in crazy LA rush hour traffic. Not the stand-still-for-1/2hr-on-interstate type, but the on street, I-hope-I-don't- get-hit/hit-anything type. Not everyday though.

Which reminds me of a book Fred's dad got me on our road trip. Humour does work best when there is a grain of truth to it.


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