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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hello? Where's my teleportation device?

Confession. I am guilty of miserly behaviour at the expense of the greater good of mankind. Ok... maybe not to that extend, but what do you call making a visiting friend take something to another friend, 10 billion miles around our glorious Earth, all in a bid to save a couple of dollars plus change?

That happened in early Jan and friend who lives far far away just received the thing. "Just," meaning, like, maybe within the last 48hrs, I think. What's worse... it was friend who lives far far away's birthday present. I can be such an idiot sometimes.

Note to self: in future, just pay the postal workers and send the damn (small and tiny and not heavy at all) thing through mail. That, or make sure to clarify with person who will be entrusted with stuff whether stuff will be able to reach desired destination within desired amount of time and then make neccessary arrrangements.

To think I thought I was being sooooo clever. Visiting friend told me she'd be travelling a bit more before returning to native island with lots of tall bulildings. (Yup, we abandoned tribalism a long time ago cos the men got tired of seeing boobs all day long. And by we, I really mean the indigenous people. Any way, where was I?) Hmm... I thought, since she mentioed something about having 10 days to spare before going to Chicago somewhere in our conversations, my brain (who idiotically thought that just by virtue of wanting thing to be magically in friend who lives far far away's hands instantaneously) decided that visiting friend will be breathing island air within 2 weeks max. WRONG! Brain totally overlooked the fact that visiting friend had what one would call a life. Besides, even if visiting friend were to be home in the assumed 2 weeks, who in their right mind would think she'd be delivering the thing the minute the plane lands. Yah, I know... what the hell, brain, what the hell?

On the up side, I did deprive the man some extra dollars in earnings in Jan. On the down side, it really didn't matter, cos the man probably conveniently "let go" some workers and gave himself a raise accordingly, to make up for that loss.
Lionel, you might be interested in this.
Williamson, Judith. 1986. Consuming Passions: The dynamics of popular culture. Marion Boyars Publishers

I'm not sure it's directly relavent to your thesis. Heck, I'm not even sure what your paper's really about. It made me think of your work for some reason so here I am.

There are really interesting points and angles in this collection of writings that made me go, "Wow, this is true and I'd never think to look at this from this point of view."

Some of the social context the author referenced might be a little outdated but the discussions still hold. Lots of Feminist themes. I'm not really a women's studies person so I can't say if the stuff here's "mainstream" women's studies or otherwise.

I picked up this book cos it was referenced when I was reading up on advertising. I was pretty suprised by it cos I was expecting different things.

In any case, it makes for good light reading.


  • heyhey! thanks lots! it's not relevant to my thesis but it sounds useful for a paper i've got to write for a feminism course i'm currently taking; working on women's magazines haha. thanks so much for the heads up!

    By Blogger lenoil, At 6:53 AM  

  • You owe me one then... what, I'll decide later. Big grin.

    By Blogger Rong, At 12:31 AM  

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