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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nuptially Speaking

Rich and Cat are now Mr and Mrs Ellis. Yay!

It was intimate, it was so much fun and it was very very beautiful. Right about now, I wish I could write poetry that will make you cry, cos then I'd be able to deliver in words the full experience of witnessing those two crazy kids getting married.
No lack of "media coverage" there, so the Pulitzer Prize winning pictures should be up in no time. Brian, Chris, Fred, Nick, Ryan, Tara, me and the extended family were up in photographic arms to capture the finger clicking goodness. I just embarassed myself with that sentance, didn't I?

Anyway. It's off to Hawaii for Rich and Cat. People should get hitched more often so we can all do this again.

Pictures in the next installment.


  • I like that set. You should try to frame those three as a series in one large frame. I am going to try to put together something for them myself with pictures and DVD.

    By Blogger TyrantT316, At 8:34 AM  

  • Your picture movie thingy should be all sorts of cool. With original music no less. =) I'll burn you a disc of all the pics I have and send them to you.

    Would like to make something motion graphics-ish/short film-ish for them too... any ideas to help me out? Could use as a prologue or inserts for your DVD. What do you think?

    By Blogger Rong, At 6:11 PM  

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