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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Really Ought to be Scared

Ever had such a crazy dilemma that you just had to blog about it?

So, those God damn terrorists are at it again, or so I hear. The LA Times tells me that, "Federal Official Raise Aviation Threat Level Nationwide." Check out the pictures too. Link to article Herds of people in clogged up airports. Doesn't it make you feel like we're all in this together…

Timely coincidence. Fred and I will be traveling for Rich and Cat's wedding. Here's the dilemma. Should I be happy that airport security will be working extra hard to fuss over me to keep me "safe?" Or should I be pissed that airport security will be working extra hard to fuss over me to keep me "safe?" It's a tough one.

When Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says, "Travelers would be wise to pack as lightly as possible for their carry-on and to minimize clutter so that we can make the process go more quickly," I'm like... great advise pal!

In fact, I took it upon myself to build on that great advise. It's a simpler plan. Go nude. Terrorism is a serious threat therefore we can't take any chances. I don't see why people who have nothing to hide would have any problems complying. I mean, security will be able to screen people with an increased efficiency of up to 95% and travelers will go through security 90% quicker. Everyone wins. Also, a certain other official did say, "We will do whatever it takes to keep people safe... If it's an inconvenience we're going to have to deal with it." Nudity over terrorism, any day. I can deal.

Ok, that was me being stupid. But honestly, if those scary-as-hell terrorists really want to terrorize large groups of civilians, and/or damage strategic infrastructure, would they make it a point to clear security? You'd think DHS would be equally concerned about large numbers of people congregating in clogged up airports carrying tons of misc supposedly potentially deadly liquid explosives and detonating devices. What about evacuation or coping stratagies. Don't hear much about that.

And what's this obsession with civilian aviation related terrorism tactics anyway?

I probably just jinxed it for myself... they're gonna take me away at the airport and give me the preferred passenger treatment. See, proof that it's more like stupefying civilians with fear than deterring terrorists.


  • I agree! I think it would be darn effective for a terrorist to blow him/herself up in the middle of the security line, killing and injuring hundreds of people. And even more they would make people not only scared to fly, but scared to go to the airport in the first place. Or even places where large groups of people gather. I'm sure that some group of terrorist have thought of that and we would of course have no plan for just such a incident. At least the "security" has become more efficient since and really isn't such a long wait.

    I am looking forward to picures from the wedding.

    By Blogger Stephen "Steve", At 1:57 PM  

  • OMG! Gotta get me some of that drop dead gorgeous sexy hair!

    By Blogger Rong, At 1:50 PM  

  • You like that? There is a time and place for everything and it is called college.

    By Blogger Steve, At 2:44 PM  

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