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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Awesome 80s-rific picture. To 22 great years of sibling rivalry… and remember… when we grow up, we're still going buy all the toys we want because we'll have our own ginormous toy store with no adults. There's no stopping us now.


  • Hello! Where in LA are you guys?
    We are moving out to Orange County in about a week. Maybe we can move in downstairs from you. Maybe you can get Steve a job. Thanks.

    Also, how much did Brad charge you guys for "deep cleaning."

    Perhaps this would have been better as an e-mail.

    I'm at sadsilverATgmailDOTcom

    Goodbye forever.

    By Blogger Aunt Faintly, At 3:58 PM  

  • This was what I said to Brad.
    "Just tell me up front how much you're going to charge us. Because tha last time we moved out of one of your apartments, we cleaned like hell and still got charged 75 bucks. For some 'dirty windows' which you could have told us about when you 'inspected' the place.

    Like, it was freakin 100% CLEANER than when we moved in! So just be straight with us and tell us how much you're going to charge us so we can decide how much effort we're going to put in."

    By Blogger Rong, At 8:14 PM  

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