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Friday, April 28, 2006

Scared What?

I believe very strongly in democracy. Because I believe in the people's capacity to do good , I believe in education and critical thinking, I believe that people should be allowed to and even be made to think for themselves and choose their leaders on their own terms.

Democracy means empowering the people. NOT to capitalize on their kia si-ness to scared-this scared-that. NOT to scared-this scared-that liao, then sian, apathy... vote also like that, then become no need to care because anything just complain to the gahmen.

It fucking pisses me off when PRO-DEMOCRACY people, for their own political benefit, perpatuate the ideas of "the people don't dare to not vote for xyz for the fear of negative repercussions," "the people don't dare to speak freely," "the people are oppressed."

I wonder if these so called democracy advocates even realize that they themselves are the ones who are effectively participating in the fear mongering that they so indignantly claim should be eradicated. Do they realize that they are undermining the true voice of the electorate when they fog things up with this phoney atmosphere of fear by claiming that they themselves are severely crippled by this "fear." Rather than actually acting as the "beacon of light" I know cliche, but too lazy to think of better expression. and lead the people towards their supposesd vision of democracy, they dull our judgments with noise, with their politicised personal issues. What a scam!

I was discussing this with Fred.
In the supposedly-advocates-of-democracy's defence, Fred brought up an intereting point with an appropriate quote, "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity."

What pisses me off even more is when supposedly-advocates-of-democracy quote the western media incessantly and adopt various foreign NGOs/non-profits as backers for PERSONAL political agendas. Question: Do you guys hate your own country that much that you have to say, "Hey, ang mohs, help me say shit about my own people." ?

It's one thing to work with foreign entities to promote good. It's quite another to incite crap like we-meaning-Singapore-suck-ass sentiments.

Which brings me to this honestly awesome-rific statement by Ms Sylvia Lim, Chairperson of the WP. She challenged the PAP, "What message are you sending to people?....think of yourself, whether you're upgraded or not. Vote for the PAP for your self interest, that's the message. And is this the message and the value we want for Singapore?"

What a pleasent departure from the the-people-are-scared-shitless shinanigans. Yay for empowering the electorate with thoughtfulness. Yay for not insulting our intelligence. Yay for national interest. You go girl!

Here's a great site to explore.


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