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Monday, April 24, 2006

Short Story part 2

Alone, she read. Alone, she thought. Alone, she wondered the malls of Orchard road. For all the reading and thinking she did, she didn't know she needn't be alone. Alone had accepted her the way she was.

She let it amuse her, let it consume her. It was destined to become her muse. Alone grew comfortable, it was convenient and safe. She strayed, she did. She's a social creature after all. Mostly, she came back to it because she knew, only alone she could rely on, to see as best as she could with untainted eyes.

Together they thought they'd try. They'd ask dad if they could go away to do something that mattered a lot to them. The day he said yes, they cried. Oh gosh, how they had agonised. They thought for sure, well almost for sure he wouldn't agree.

She took a dive and surfaced more alone then she had ever been before. She climbed onto a boat named after an artist in History books. It was not quite right but it was quite a ride.

Away, there were a lot of people alone. Away, it was ok to be alone. She was alone but she really wasn't alone any more.


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