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Friday, April 21, 2006

Trash the planet, we can always move to a different one tomorrow

We've all heard it before.
It's all over the place right now.
I think it's worth repeating.

Everyday should be Earth Day.

Thought I'd take this opportunity to reaffirm my beliefs. (Phew, it's not just me going crazy... scientists all over the world have proof!) And of course, to celebrate with minimal ecological impact by blogging.

It's a complicated issue, it's huge too. Doesn't help that it's a human problem... you know you can always count on us human beings to screw things up for ourselves.

There really isn't a quick and easy solution, unless you're George W. Bush, then you'd be able to pray to God, nuke the problem and say, "Mission accomplished."

Meanwhile us mere mortals can only rely on ourselves, and oh yah, secular science.

The Worldwatch Institute is probably not an unfamiliar source of information to most people who have taken economics, science or social studies in school. Here's an easy list of baby steps to an awesome-er home planet.
Link to 10 ways to actually do something cool for our planet

Besides, in retrospect, Captain Planet was kinda lame. I think 6 billion people with good information can definitely do the job better. If we try.

Can't have an Earth day without a fun quiz, can we?
Link to quiz

You like good wine? You drink water? You breathe air? Then this might interest you. Although this series of shorts is about particular local communities, it's pretty clear that what happens locally has implications beyond their own boundaries. Also, populations all over the world have similar problems. Even if you don't care... I think Lionel, JM, YH, HJ, YJ, my di di and my mother care. Also, got movie to watch, just watch lah.
Link to clips


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