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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Now

Christmas is in more than a month and I've not even recovered from Halloween, much less think about Thanksgiving.

Lucky us, being consumers in our incredibly privileged buy-stuff-centric world where businesses do us a huge service by putting up holiday merchandise beside the black and orange, way back in the middle of October. Because of their firm insistence, we are spared from having to constantly remind ourselves to make appropriate purchases in order to buy our way out of the tragedy that is not getting into the spirit.

Still, the wayward and spoilt consumer in me blatantly procrestinates despite such generous reminders! I Should be ashamed of myself. What does it take to make me shop? Must I force corporate America to the brink? To make them resort to reminding me to start Christmas shopping while picking out heart shaped chocolates in February?

In the similar vein of consumer stewardship, this year, the Sky Mall Catalogue will once again provide many air travellers such as myself, relief from holiday season shopping, not to mention, hours of amusement and very possibly, eternal joy, regardless of the amount of legroom or civil avaition related terrorist threats.

Some depend on it to find the perfect gift for the brother who thinks he everything. Others call it the "oh god, oh god, I'm on the plane and I still haven't gotten the presents straightened out yet, thank goodness they have these overpriced make-your-life-better products so I can starve the rest of the year to pay them off to show my generosity" bible that couldn't come any handier.

But wait, there's a better one this year. Check out the Sky Maul catalog.


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