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Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's a real fake youtube thing

Did your world fall apart the day you discovered lonelygirl15 was neither lonely nor 15? Well then, now is a good time to reinforce your skull with some brain-splatter-proof material.

This just in. NoHoGirls and WeHoGirls are really as real as Ashlee Simpson's face. Why, oh why must you do this to me.

And why is this important? Some day when you get that PhD in media theory with a concentration in chicks-doing-stuff-for-webploitation you will thank me. Until then, us common folk will just have to keep watching those videos for intellectual stimulation. Somebody please make more of these movies, my life is in dire need of more fulfillment.

saw it at laist


  • funny post there - where can one get that Ph.D? Online, of course!

    one of the wehos has been identified in real life. i got the links at my blog up now.

    By Blogger milowent, At 10:44 AM  

  • nice.

    By Anonymous rong, At 3:53 AM  

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