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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Summer's gone. Sadness. You can tell by the amount of people at the beach. And by seeing me shivering like a chihuahua in the mid afternoon sun... brrr. No, I'm not crazy, just evolved for survival in hot tropical conditions.

Fred and I decided to head out to what we call the "Culver Beach." Near the mouth of Marina del Rey where Culver Blvd ends. Wanted to relive our art school days and see if our gesture drawing skills died.

The lack of choice picks of interesting characters left us with mostly the environment to work with... if I didn't absolutely have to thnk about these things, I usually avoid them as much as I can. I'm scared as hell of drawing things that have no eyes and are infinitely larger than me, aka landscapes and architechture.

So big and intimidating! How on Earth am I supposed to fit all that crap on my piece of paper. So much stuff, all that detail, eyes hurt, brain hurt... argh. It's like, you think about it and you marvel at how the Impressionists did what they did.

Got to let go, got to let go... and in that spirit, I composed something really quick out of the first things I saw before I had a chance to decide to just call it quits. (And Fred was doing such a good job concentrating on his sketch book... I didn't want to look bad in public.)

The results were suprizingly good. It felt good at least. I actually enjoyed drawing that building. A lot. Fred had to make me stop before I start ruining it by... I don't know, putting in the bird poop that that flock of birds deposited on the ground?


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