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Sunday, September 24, 2006

And the winner is

I knew dragging my lazy ass off the bed at 6am on a Sunday morning was for a good reason but that reason got 10 million times better when the guy in the huge speakers said, "Carl Lewis." Carl Lewis, the Olympic champion, my childhood hero.

I used to look up to him so I owe it to my 8 year old self to take this picture.

The Nike Run Hit Remix 5 miler was really fun. Something about running in the middle of the steet, and the being in the middle of a running mob does it for me.

The route was interesting and the runners were a fun bunch. Ran through what I assume is part of the greek row of USC and that was fun. The kids were out holding signs and cheering for us, some in their pjs. Collegeā€¦ good times.

One lousy thing happened. Mid course, I had to pee really badly. I was like, what the hell, body, you were fine 20 mins ago. Of course, all the businesses along the route were closed and the portable toilets had people waiting and I didn't want to stop to wait. Argh. But I came across empty ones soon enough. Thank goodness.

When I rejoined the race, it was a group of people who were trying to finish under an hour . Those guys were a hoot! They took it upon themselves to motivate the entire section and that was quite a riot.

The finish was a downhill tunnel into the Memorial Colosseum so it was an easy strong finish. And we finish under an hour. Yay!

I totally paid for the medal, just like everyone else. But I like to think I "won" it and I'm wearing it anyway.

photographer: fred, mostly
photo editor: rong


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